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easy nap transitions- how to drop a nap without losing sleep?

When is the right time for my baby to transition from 3 naps to 2? And what about 2 to 1? When should they stop taking naps altogether? First and foremost – how to do it without all the extra stress or losing our already established routine?

These are just some of the burning questions you’ll get the answers to.

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10 Most common baby sleep myths

Are baby’s naturally born as good or bad sleepers, or can we teach good sleep habits? Is it possible to get a child used to sleeping any place, any time? Is it true that the longer the baby is awake, the longer they’ll sleep? Are sleep problems just a phase that all babies will grow out of? 

We’ll answer these and other common questions around sleep during our first free webinar. We’ll talk all about the 10 most common sleep myths and shed light on misconceptions around baby sleep, that often circulate among parents.

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