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We know you want the best for your baby…

To shower them with love. To build a secure attachment. To raise a happy child. 

We know this and keep your child’s wellbeing at the heart of our service.

Good sleep is not only important for you as parents, it’s just as important for your baby. It’s one of the cornerstones of health, just like the nutrition you so lovingly provide.

We believe strongly that you can establish good sleep habits while building a secure attachment with your child. You can rest well as a family without taking anything away from your baby.  

In fact, the opposite is true – restful sleep is a gift for your as well as your chid. 

I was introduced to Rachael at time when I was feeling very tired and discouraged. I’d read so many books and researched extensively online about infant sleep, but I still couldn’t find a way to get my baby to sleep. Rachael provided our family with an extensive, highly supportive and specifically tailored plan to meet the needs of our son, parenting style and living arrangements. She enabled us to feel confident that we could teach our son to develop a healthy sleep pattern. Thanks to Rachael we experienced the whole sleep training process with more ease and less guilt!

– Rachael from Canada

Your programme was one of THE best things I have spent money on. My son never suffered from the infamous 4 month regression. If anything, his sleep started to improve at this point. By 4 and a half months he was sleeping through the night and we have had pretty good night sleep ever since. He’s at a point now where after his bath we go into his bedroom and he points to the cot. We put him in and after about 10 minutes he’s asleep. Even when teething we don’t really have disrupted sleep.

– Caroline from England

Worth it! My husband was sceptical of the program, so I started when he wasn’t home. Within days, my daughter (11 months old) no longer needed her 2 am bottle and was sleeping through from 7am-7pm with little help from me. Some of the things that Rachael advised I would have never thought of, like needing more sleep during the day to help her sleep better at night. It is now 3 months later and we are happy and rested. My little one falls asleep fast and alone, she has not gone back to a bottle during the night and she wakes up in the morning happy to see me, and I am happy to see her!

– Becky from Switzerland

Our team is here for you

Rachael Kullmann

Rachael Kullmann

Founder & Co-Owner, Certified Infant & Child Sleep Coach

Eliana Koov

Eliana Koov

Infant & Child Sleep Coach, Doula, Lactation Consultant, Pregnancy Crisis Counsellor

Hanna Saar

Hanna Saar

Co-owner, Infant & Child Sleep Coach, Psychologist

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