Newborn Package


Ideal for new parents with babies between 0-12 weeks.

The Newborn Package includes:

🌟 PDF manual “The Gentle Guide to Newborn Sleep”
A 30+ page PDF manual that is yours to keep forever!

🌟 Newborn Sleep Consultation
A 1-hour virtual consultation via phone (Canada only), Whatsapp, or Zoom

🌟 Individualized sleep tips
a 1-2 page summary of personalised sleep tips for your newborn

🌟 Newborn Support Session
One 30-minute support session to answer your additional questions and prepare you for the weeks and months ahead with your baby (must be booked before baby is 16 weeks old)

**With our complete newborn handbook, “The Gentle Guide to Baby Sleep,” you will receive invaluable information on the following topics:

  • The fascinating biological developments in the “fourth trimester”
  • Effective methods to soothe your crying baby
  • How to prevent long-term sleep issues
  • How to encourage longer, more restful naps right from the start
  • Week-by-week sleep and feeding routines for the best night’s sleep

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The first 12 weeks with a newborn baby often triggers mixed feelings in new parents. These may fluctuate from pure joy to complete exhaustion. Our passion is to encourage and equip you as new parents to build a strong bond and trust with your baby, as well as help your baby develop healthy sleep habits from the start.